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Yingke Law firm helps bridge the complex legal system in China with Local knowledge and a global network of over 50 Offices Worldwide .

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With 40 offices and more than 4000 attorneys in China, Yingke is regarded as the the largest Asian-Pacific Law Firm. Having another 16 offices worldwide our network extends to virtually every continent and major market to serve our clients’ cross-border needs. But no matter how fast our firm continues to grow we never forget to stick to our core values and business principles.

Full service with industry focus

Our attorneys across the globe practising in all areas of law from corporate to M&A and business law, from intellectual property, complex litigation, tax, FDI to regulatory and government affairs make Yingke to be one of the leading law firms of China and the world. Yet we are especially strong in the key industry sectors: banking and finance, energy, technology and innovation, healthcare and life sciences. We assist a wide variety of Chinese clients with their international needs and foreign clients with issues and complexities arising from conducting business in China.

Clients first

We strive to act as strategic partners to our clients, know and treat their business as if it was ours and provide innovative, proactive and cost-effective legal solutions. This commitment applies to all our multidisciplinary teams that bring together the firm’s cross practice and industry talents. We commence every matter already well informed of the given industry trends that influence strategy and planning, resulting in comprehensive solutions. To create a true partnership with each client we also provide complimentary services ranging from corporate finance to investment banking advisory, networking events and B2B summits that bring together clients, countries or regions that share common strategic interests.

China Legal Services

As a global law firm from China, Yingke aims to serve the world with “one-stop” legal and commercial services. Yingke Law Firm, a leading law firm in China, was established in 2001 with our headquarters in Beijing. Today, we have 42 domestic branches and 24 member law firms of Yingke Global Legal Alliance – located in key financial, business and regulatory centers in Asia, Europe, South America and North America. Being the largest direct-invested law firm in Asia Pacific, we have 5,205 lawyers and legal professionals forming a global service platform to serve the business and legal needs of our clients worldwide. Yingke has continuously geared our principles to prioritizing our clients’ needs and valuing the commitment of excellence to both the legal services and commercial matters in all offices. We believe that establishing and nurturing long-term client relationships will be the key to our success in becoming a true global law firm.

Our experienced PRC lawyers in China could provide you with the following China legal services in China foreign investment:

Corporate Finance

Corporate restructuring and reorganization of PRC companies for the purposes of listing on overseas stock exchange markets, legal diligence and issuance of relevant PRC legal opinions.

China Merger and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions by and between enterprises with China foreign investments, companies listed in China and overseas, and domestic companies, spin-offs and other restructuring transactions, venture capital transactions, etc.

China Foreign Investment

Initial investment planning and due diligence, establishment of foreign invested enterprises in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities in China, operations support service to foreign invested enterprises, restructuring and liquidation, registrations and filings with government authorities, setting up of Hong Kong and offshore companies as investors of foreign invested enterprises, etc.

Property Investments

Acquisition, assignment and transfer of land-use-right, sale and purchase of real property, preparation of legal documents including real estate presale contracts, real estate sale & purchase contracts, mortgage loan contracts, filing of presale registration, sale registration and mortgage registration, advising on various matters relating to property investment in China.

China Intellectual Property

Prosecution and litigation for inventions, utility models, and design patents, trademarks, trade names, copyright, computer software; unfair competion, trade secrets, technology transfers, licensing, franchising, China intellectual property enforcement and anti-counterfeiting, due diligence on China intellectual property rights.

Banking and Finance

Foreign exchange control, loans, foreign debt registration, preparation of legal documentation and related matters.

Bankruptcy and Liquidation

Advising on bankruptcy and liquidation procedures in China and cross-border bankruptcy and liquidation cases, handling China and cross-border bankruptcy and liquidation cases.

China Dispute Resolution

Background searches and asset preservation actions, civil and criminal proceedings, including assessment of claims and development of strategy, trial and appeal, arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings, enforcement of court judgments and orders.


Translation of legal and general documents from English into Chinese as well as from Chinese into English.

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