THE most important B2C platform in China

  • 55%-60% of the market share
  • Over five hundred million registered users
  • Hosts over a hundred thousand brands

What is TMALL Shop and why its the best choice for entering the Chinise  market

Brands starting virtual stores on Alibaba Group’s business-to-consumer platform will get access to Chinese third-party service suppliers that may facilitate with supplying and storing. Brands on also are able to provide Alipay, a Alibaba cluster connected e-payment company, as a payment choice for Chinese shoppers.’s dominating reach in China’s e-commerce landscape meant that the majority international brands wanting to enter China’s e-commerce area have thought-about setting up stores on


Tmall (formerly Taobao Mall) is Taobao’s well-polished younger brother and the largest B2C e-commerce platform by sales revenue in China holding 55%-60% of the market share (2016). In 2011, Tmall split separately from Taobao to focus on legitimate online stores by raising service fees. The move successfully rid the platform of fakes and poor customer service.

How massive is Tmall?

  • Tmall, China’s number  one B2C platform is enabling  businesses to sell on to voluminous customers throughout China since it’s institution in April 2008.
  • More than70,000 international and Chinese brands
  • More than 50,000 merchants and outlets
  • Access to a hundred and eighty million patrons

Why Tmall? – the most important B2C platform in China


  • From Merchants purpose of read Tmall permits native merchants or retailers to gift product
  • Brands have opportunities to push their product through largest on-line platform wherever eightieth of Chinese patrons purchase product
  • Merchants get chance to push their product in Tmall official promotional campaigns, double eleven etc.
  • Merchants can have access to group action management, promotional management, supplying tools, product free, look decoration and management, client service management etc.
  • Highly happy store can get competitive store rates from shoppers betting on the merchandise quality, delivery speed, potency of store or client service etc.

Tmall Store Format

Tmall has three completely different store format :

Shenzhen Company Registration


  • Store sells and acts on the behalf of a single brand that is owned by the merchant opening the store
  • Store sells and acts on the behalf of multiple brands that are all owned by the merchant opening the store*
  • Store sells and acts on the behalf of a multi-brand marketplace (service class trademark) owned by the merchant opening the store
Shenzhen Company Registration


  • Store sells products from two or more brands that the merchant does not own
  • Store sells products from a brand (trademark) owned by the merchant and also sells products from a brand not owned by the merchant
  • Store sells products from two or more brands that the merchant owns


  • Store authorized to sell products from one brand
  • Store authorized to sell products from multiple brands, but all brands belong to the same entity*
  • The authorization documents from the brand (trademark) owner must not be subject to regional restrictions and the period of validity must not end before Dec 31, 2013.

Customer’s expertise on Tmall

  • Tmall provides facility to it’s patrons to ship orders among seventy two hrs when inserting orders.
  • Buyers can have full chance to come the merchandise & get refund among seven days of receiving product
  • Shoppers will search product and find competitive result associated with the search
  • Users will have complete info of product within the detail page and might communicate with Tmall client team
  • Buyers get facilities to pay through their own Alipay account
  • Tmall provides authority to merchants from coming up with to operation to supplying – a whole autonomy B2C service to Chinese merchants

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Start Your Brand Online Sales In China

Start Your Tmall Store
    • Tmall has become vital for doing e-commerce in China.
      Corporation China  is certified Tmall operator China , which implies Tmall acknowledges United States as in operation agent in China.
    • We will build and operate your Tmall store.
    • We tend to build your store tailored to your whole. ress Solutions

Legal Terms and Condition

  • Enterprise agency have an interest to business with Tmall should hold a legitimate business license copy with the entire examination certificate reassuring real and valid product .
  • Company should want business tax registration certificate (tax, property tax etc);
  • Organization code certificate
  • A copy of the checking account permits
  • Legal representative ID card copies of either side
  • Contact ID card copies of either side
  • The business should issue a letter of authorization to Alipay, permitting Alipay to act as Associate in written agreement service on their behalf.

Requirements for opening a Tmall store:

  1. Enterprise registered in China for at least 2 years.
  2. Bank Account & Allipay Account
  3. ICP license
  4. Refundable security deposit
    • Flagship Store: ¥100,000 for ™ (Trademark), ¥50,000 for ® (Registered Trademark)
    • Franchise Store: ¥100,000 for ™ (Trademark), ¥50,000 for ® (Registered Trademark)
    • Specialty Store: ¥150,000 for ™ (Trademark), ¥100,000 for ® (Registered Trademark)
    • Flagship Store of a multi-brand marketplace: ¥150,000
    • Specialty stores that sell goods produced outside of Mainland China and the trademarks of those goods are not registered in China(Fruit, import products, etc): ¥150,000
    • “Book/Audiovisual” primary category Flagship store and franchise store: ¥50,000
    • “Book/Audiovisual” primary category Specialty store: ¥100,000
    • “Service” and “E-tickets” primary category operators: ¥10,000
    • “Online Gaming and QQ”, “Mobile Fees”, and “Travel” primary category: ¥10,000
    • “Medicine/Medical Service” primary category: ¥300,000
    • “Cars and Car accessories” primary category: ¥100,000

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